Gorilla – Speed Rope – The Runt


  • Welcome to the cult club.
  • FANTASTIC plastic single bearing system.
  • 13 cm handles, tapering from a diameter of 12.6mm at the spindle to 23mm at the base.
  • 2.5 mm diameter cable, adjustable with two end screws, to suit your vertical elevation.


Brought to you from the good people at Gorilla Store:

We present: The Runt

“Fast enough for your best athletes and cheap enough to leave lying around.” – We stole that quote from Gorilla Store.

Welcome to the cult. We have no doubt you will quickly become the runt of the litter in the best possible way. Let’s not kid ourselves, there will be scars. But here, secretly, we are all masochists, that is why we CrossFit.

We recommend you use your newly bought speed rope on a nice smooth nonabrasive surface. Concrete and bricks eat jump ropes for breakfast!