Our Story

In a galaxy far far away, with shirtless freaks and buff babes, the alignment of the 82 moons of Saturn caused the primordial ooze to spit out a cult on the dark side of the moon. The flapping of a butterfly wing in the armpit of space set in motion the descent of a beautiful creature upon the world. This creature was named CrossFit. Bringing pain and suffering to the masses, the savior we all needed. Leading to the spawn of creatures, rising like mushrooms from the depressing ether. To unite into a lifestyle we can call home……

OK, that’s about the extent of bull I can spew in such a short time, so here it is:

We are 3 CrossFit enthusiasts who decided to bring the best gear Africa has to offer to our humble abode in the desert.
Call this a trial run if you will. We might be gone tomorrow, we might be here forever.
Take care of us and we’ll take very very very good care of you.